United We Band ~
United We Stand™

our Homeless Veterans deserve DIGNITY. As Americans we
GRATEFUL for their SACRIFICE. We are PROUD to celebrate and
HONOR their services to our country.

if you ARE a Veteran or a FAMILY member of a Veteran or KNOW a

You feel the same way!

Heroes Helping Heroes 4Life is who WE are.

It’s A Message…

A Mantra…

A Movement…

United We Band ~ United We Stand™ for Homeless Veterans and their Families

H3 Heroes Helping Heroes 4Life is a Social Enterprise and 501(c)(3) #83-3012642 with a mission to help Homeless Veterans and their families with solutions for Behavioral Health, Suicide Prevention, and Homelessness.

The vision of Heroes Helping Heroes (H3) is to ignite a sense of purpose, champion success and drive measurable results to homeless veterans of the US Armed Forces and their families. Through education, targeted fundraising, and serving the community as one, H3 aims to improve the overall health and restore a sense of dignity to our veterans living in unfavorable circumstances.

We help Homeless Veterans and their Families get off the streets by raising funds for programs that include a Rolling Stand Down with mobile hygiene units, a Chow truck, resource bus and pop-up care village with haircuts, food, clothing and toiletries to restore DIGNITY to our nation’s heroes and get them connected to services they are entitled to receive with housing, wellness, and employment.

(AS SEEN ON) – ABC 10, KUSI news, Sentinel newspaper, SDVoyager magazine, Veterans Ascend podcast 

H3 Heroes Helping Heroes 4Life is organized as a Social Enterprise that consists of a FOR PROFIT side that raises funds to run our NONPROFIT programs. H3 is comprised of three unique pillars: 

  • Enterprises (Capital raising products and services)
  • PR and Marketing (Community fundraisers and outreach)
  • Foundation (Non-profit programs for veterans and their families)

We offer goods and services that raise capital through multiple streams of income for our Signature Programs and aim to fund existing programs through Strategic Alliances in the future.  ALL proceeds are dedicated to our Genuine Goodwill programs.

As a grassroots Social Enterprise, H3 has developed the United We Band ~ United We Stand™ 4Life Collection of unique and eco-friendly apparel and accessories featuring a LIMITED EDITION Veterans Day Silicon Band, as part of our 4Life-line™ project, to help support H3 Programs through the sale of emblematic and patriotic merchandise. It continues that mission today and the revenue generated goes towards our programs that help veterans, military service members, and their families!

We earn our money through our products and through our Waste Free World™ services with a focus on ‘Anyway Money’ — money which is already spent. Your donation is a “best value product or service” including the added benefit of Social Enterprise, bringing a sense of purpose to a cause, while fulfilling a Global Consumer Best Value Equation:

Unique Quality Product or Service + Cause and Purpose = Return on our Heroes (ROH)

H3 Heroes Helping Heroes 4Life is a grassroots Social Enterprise.

This is our fundraiser to help Homeless Veterans and their Families.


We do NOT rely on government funding.

A donation in any Amount Helps Us Help Our Heroes!

Let’s Join Forces To Support Our Nation's Veterans

Here's Your Chance To Be Part Of The Solution!

Donate just $23 to receive a Custom Limited Edition Hologram Silicone Band to show your  support and say


“Thank You for Serving.”


Your donation goes to help 1 Veteran on the street with a shower at a mobile hygiene station, a haircut, a meal, toiletries, clothing and access to resources for housing, employment, and health and wellness!! 

H3 Heroes Helping Heroes

A-Z Solution for a C.U.R.E.

H3 introduces the Nation’s first and only concept of “The Hybrid” for Stand Downs…THE H3 NATIONAL ALLIANCE OF ROLLING STAND DOWNS™ featuring Mobile Hygiene Units and Resource Units to meet our Homeless Veterans where they are…on the STREETS. Join our mission with partner Lava MaeX with a proven model to build and deliver mobile hygiene units to those in need.

Our A-Z Solution for a C.U.R.E. (Creating Unity Reaching Everyone) is designed to help Homeless Veterans and Their Families get off the street for good in a way that NO ONE has ever done before.   

💦 The first of its kind and only “Rolling Stand Down™ ” in the country solves vital needs for Homeless Veterans and their Families, as well as other unhoused, underserved, and vulnerable communities.  

🎥 Watch the video to see our Rolling Stand DownTM in action.

  • Mobile Hygiene Units with Showers
  • CHOW Truck Veteran Incubator Program
  • Resource Bus with Professional Services & Community Resources
  • Pop-Up Village with Health Services and COVID-19 rapid tests & vaccinations

🚚 CHOW Veterans Program

  • Culinary Arts Training Incubator for Veterans
  • Sales and Catering
  • Pop Up Restaurant
  • Special Events for Fundraising

🍅 Community of Community Gardens

  • 5 Acre Model with Veteran Gardeners
  • 50-100 Family Backyard Gardens
  • Sales to Vet CHOW Truck and to Restaurants
  • Farmers Market

🌱 EcoSprout Incubator

  • Veteran Workers
  • Future Veteran Owners
  • Supplies Community of Community Gardens
  • Supply Model

🏠 Disabled Veterans Incubator

  • Transitional Housing
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Health and Wellness opportunities for healing
  • Job and Skills Training and Employment: culinary, agriculture, business ownership, multi-media, marketing, sales, project management
  • Military Dependent Program

Our Homeless Veterans Need Our Help! 

Our programs are designed to offer a “hand up” to DIGNITY, housing, employment, entrepreneurship in a way that has never been done before and will effectively reduce the unacceptable rate of suicide in our heroes.

~ 22 a Day ~ is 22 too many!

We need YOUR HELP to get ALL 100,000 Vets and Their Families OFF THE STREETS FOR GOOD!

H3 Founder Mark George delivers Genuine Goodwill at DIGNITY
event with partner Hugs and Bags.
Mark George and American Legion State Commander Ed Grimsley
join forces for Homeless Veterans at the Alpha Project, San Diego
Brian Trum, Commander American Legion Post 460 (L) and Ed Grimsley, California State Commander American Legion (R), join H3 Heroes Helping Heroes 4Life at Holiday Toys and Turkeys event for deployed families.

To SUPPORT the H3 national Alliance of Rolling Stand DownsTM with a Donation in any amount, please click on the link to our Go Fund Me page.

THANK YOU For Supporting Our Cause!

To speak to our team about how you can order IN BULK and / or purchase CUSTOM BANDS for any organization, business, college, or program, contact us at (858) 245-1596 or [email protected].

To learn more about our programs and how you can help visit our website at